Saturday, December 4, 2010


in times when you feel you want to binge, stop and look at this <<<<<< diet ideas + exercises << << <<<<<<<< <

My mind is always running with thoughts like “Well, if I was skinny I could do this or that” or “Ohh I want this shirt…but I could only pull it off if I was skinny”, “Ohh that boy’s cute. Maybe he’d like be if I were skinny”. If I were skinny everything would be better.


Go out, buy a bikini, some short as shorts and tight dress then wear them around the house admire myself

dont give up now. you can do it. you know you can do it. its worth it. imagine the day youre other girl’s inspiration. when youre the thin girl everyone wants to be. people will start noticing you. people will look up to you. you become a rolemodel. wouldnt that be great? then dont give up. never give up. giving up means your weak. if youre weak you’ll never be that beautiful girl. you think giving up is worth it? of course you dont. giving up never gets you anywhere. be strong. it’ll be worth it, and you know it.

reasons to be thin
look back and laugh at how fat i was
get a boyfriend
have nicer and look nicer in clothes
wear a bikini
have guys like me
eat without feeling self concisous
feeling confident with who you are
go out with friends and not feel like the fat one
wear friends nice clothes that right now i don't fit

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